Premiere: Hussey – “Runner Up”

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The Alternative is pleased to be bringing forth the premiere of “Runner Up” by Hussey. Hussey is the project of Nathan Hussey from All Get Out. This provides a more intimate look and approach to an artist who is soon becoming a prolific prowess of a songwriter. “Runner Up” is a song that bleeds with emotional fortitude, utilizing a steady rhythm structure with powerful melodies. Harmonized vocals allow the song to have multiple layers, dug up from incredibly personal yet familiar lyrics. Listen to the track below and enjoy a gracious and amazing start to the week.

‘Runner Up’ is my second favorite song from the record. Musically it was nice to step out of the normal structure of a song. It just kind of bookends its self open and shut and is, hopefully, easily digestible for the first time listener. The lyrics turn away from the theme of the album and start looking inward at me for a moment. It turns back to the purpose eventually but I felt like this would help tie it all together. I recorded this (and the rest of the album) in a lot of locations. This one was done in late spring and as a result you can hear cicadas buzzing in the background at times. Cool in hindsight, annoying in the edit.” – Nathan Hussey

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