PREMIERE: they are gutting a body of water—’Sweater Curse’

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Memories are interesting in that they don’t stay stagnant. They develop and warp over time, both losing and gaining meaning. Sweater Curse—the second project from they are gutting a body of water, the solo act of Jouska singer Doug Dulgarian—explores the concept of memories and the effects they have on one’s psyche. It’s an intimate, thoughtful record. One that feels like an unfiltered output of emotion that pays little mind to conforming to a single style or musical theme. Like a memory, the project takes its own form and Dulgarian appears to have intentionally relinquished control of his thoughts in order to create something honest and unashamedly flawed. This is bedroom music in its finest and purest form, recalling the likes of Alex G, Blithe Field and Molly Drag—though cultivating a sound of its own.

Dulgarian had the following to say about where he was trying to go with this record:

“Overall I want to make it sound like memories feel. Like vignettes of my life, I guess. Some include getting in a terrible car accident and sincerely attempting to readjust outlooks on life from apathy/sadness to gratitude/being content with the things I’m provided. As for techniques, to acquire that feeling, I used VHS a lot. I’m an avid collector of VHS, and my love for it is strange and confusing, and always unfinished.”

Stream Sweater Curse below:

Eli Enis | @eli_enis