Premiere: Get Married covers “Coming Clean” for Gilman, Green Day compilation

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Asian Man Records is set to release an affluent compilation in celebration of legendary punk collective, 924 Gilman St. and the 25th anniversary of Green Day’s career changing album Dookie. Due out February 2, we are pleased to share an early stream of Get Married’s ode to stand-out track, “Coming Clean.”

Focused on highlighting the iconic history of 924 Gilman St. in Berkeley, California, the compilation features up-and-coming bands that are still part of this rich community. The initial idea for the project was formed by East Bay punk band, Sarchasm. Working with Asian Man, they brought the idea up to founder, Mike Park, who was excited to help bring the idea to life.

All of the bands picked for the compilation were chosen by Alex Botkin, the bassist of Sarchasm. Botkin said, “I really wanted to focus on not only bands that were part of the Gilman scene, but ones that showcased the range of genres Green Day and Gilman have influenced.”

924 Gilman St. is essentially a punk collective based out of the East bay of San Francisco, California. Originally founded in the mid 80’s, the space served as a platform for many influential punk groups including bands like Green Day, Rancid, and Operation Ivy. Practically a DIY sanctuary, putting on all ages shows, the venue’s: “no drugs, no alcohol, no violence, no homophobia, sexism, or racism” policies have created a skeleton of what safe spaces should look like. Cheap membership fees and meetings help keep the collective afloat, and allow the space to be ran by and for members of the community.

Mike Park shared some of his earliest memories.

“It’s just such an amazing and important place…My first memory of 924 Gilman was in 1987.  We had just gone to see 7 Seconds play a matinee at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco, and then we headed over the bay bridge to Berkeley to see Capital Punishment at Gilman,” he said. “One of the openers was Crimpshrine, and I bought an east bay sampler that had pre Op. Ivy (Basic Radio) on it and I listened to that thing like crazy!”

The Gilman Streets compilation aims to celebrate the rich history of 924 Gilman St. and one of the most influential bands that was fostered by this prestigious collective. Park said, “Most compilations are chock full of name bands. This comp. was intentionally chock full of no name bands.” Created specifically to highlight the importance of cultivating these important spaces, the compilation is a true testament of the current East Bay scene.

Watch Get Married’s nostalgic cover of “Coming Clean” now or pre-order the album through Asian Man Records.  

Emily Kitchin | @deathnap4cutie

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