Premiere: Frail Body’s Debut Single

Posted: by The Editor

DIY is all about helping each other out. And sometimes that means setting up a last minute stream because a record with a message of certain magnitude needs to be heard. So here’s our impromptu premiere of Frail Body’s first single, “g”.

Rising from the remains of what was one of the midwest’s best genre-molding screamo/post-hardcore/emo bands Anzio, is Frail Body. “g” is their first single, and it resides on their debut ep those that left those that remain. Due out on May 5th, here’s what they had to say about the ep:

“The EP is a concept record about a family struggling with cancer and the passing of loved ones. The record delves into the instabilities of loved ones suddenly leaving your life as well as the hardships of watching survivors struggle to make the most out of continuing life in their failing bodies.”

Listen to “g” below, and follow them on Facebook here.


– Chris Musser