PREMIERE: Forget It. – “Paperhouse”

Posted: by The Editor

Forget it2

Arguably, the only downside I’ve experienced to finding good bands early on in their career is that I frequently want MORE. More shows, more songs, but most of all – more recorded material. This has been exactly the case for me with Forget It., one of the newest additions to the Bay-Area’s flourishing music community.


Regularly playing locals shows across the California northern Bay-Area, the band has had plenty of opportunities to grow and define their sound, that growth and definition is clearly shown on their new single “Paperhouse” from their upcoming EP Milo, which will be out on Old Press Records March 10th. The single showcases their traditional “twinkly-emo” sound, which are accompanied by vocalist Jacob Gill’s grunge-influenced vocals – reminding us that they aren’t a midwest band after-all. Listen to “Paperhouse” below –