Premiere: Fever Haze – ‘Posture’ EP

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Fever Haze

What do you get when you take equal parts Springsteen, Bolan, and Big Star and throw a modern twist on the entire sound? The Fever Haze and their new EP Posture, which is set to release this Tuesday 5/16.

Michigan’s rock-n-roll favorites are back with their 4th release, following up 2015’s Dear Fate LP with a collection of tracks from their anticipated 3rd LP, Slouch. These songs are as infectious as they are roaring, drifting from loud horns and blaring rhythms to southern rock guitar tones and melodies that can really only accurately be described as “down-home.”

If you enjoy guitar-driven hooks and old-school bombastic rock anthems you can hear Posture in full below!

You can find The Fever Haze’s past releases on their Bandcamp!


– AJ Boundy