Premiere: Elanor – Self Titled EP

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Premiering some of the first tracks from Elanor, a new solo project of our own Nick Otte. Nick also is the vocalist and bassist of Ishmael, but for this release he played all of the instruments. This release has flowing quality that I definitely appreciate.

From Nick,

“I wrote these songs over the course of the last three years. I taught myself how to play these instruments, and have until now only played bass and sang with Ishmael. These songs are something entirely different for me, but represent and pay tribute to some of my favorite moods in music.

It’s really just a few songs I made for myself, that I can sit and listen to in my bedroom. I played every part on every track, and recorded it with one of my oldest friends for the price of pizza and beer.

Listen to the self-titled debut Elanor EP below: