Premiere: Dikembe covering ‘Prayer to God’ with Bob Nanna from Braid

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Excited to be premiering the newest track in Dikembe’s ongoing monthly cover series in which they cover sweet tracks with the assistance of cool people from other awesome bands. This month, they are covering ‘Prayer to God’ originally by Shellac with vocals from Braid’s Bob Nanna. Take a listen below.

Steven from Dikembe was especially excited to work with Braid and wrote a little bit about the experience working with one of his idols,

Braid has always been a band I consider ‘mine.’ What I mean is that they’ve always been a band that I felt attached to. The non traditional chords and song structures immediately spoke to me, and Bob’s frontman presence on the tour we did with them was a nightly reminder that I was nowhere near a confident leader for my band. Long story short: Bob has always been one of my top 3 musical heroes, so the opportunity to work on a song together was surreal to say the least. The best part about it has been learning what a good dude Bob is. He doesn’t owe me or our band anything, and working with him really shines a light on how much he cares about younger bands.

You can listen to the first cover in the series over on Dikmebe’s Bandcamp. Dikembe are also headed on a tour of the Southeast in March with Expert Timing and Oso Oso, so definitely hit up a date if you get the chance.