PREMIERE: Cool American Stream B-Sides “Better Luck Next Year Vol. 2”

Posted: by The Editor

Cool American 2

We’re honored to be premiering Cool American’s latest release- Better Luck Next Year Vol. 2: Good Job Nice Try. Listen below!

Better Luck Next Year Vol. 2: Good Job Nice Try is an eclectic collection of Cool American’s b-sides from their upcoming album. Originally recorded across multiple times and in within multiple different spaces, all of the tracks were later dumped to tape via four track; in order to give them some sort of uniformity. That being said, these songs maintain a comforting and cozy bedroom-recorded feeling, not just in their sound quality and production, but in their content- lyrical and musical. The lyrics spill out of vocalist and primary writer, Nathan Tucker, in a manner so honest that it at times feels as if he’s written that exact song solely for the moment in time in which you are experiencing it. Accompanying the 5 original tracks, is a phenomenal cover of Dido’s “White Flag.” I was fortunate enough to see Cool American perform this first live, at their album release show this past summer. Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched one of my favorite local bands cover a song that was so deeply entrenched in my childhood, and quite frankly I was in awe.

Cool American 1

A download of Better Luck Next Year Vol. 2: Good Job Nice Try  will be available for pay-what-you-want on Cool American’s Bandcamp later this month, and all proceeds will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Additionally, the band will be back in the studio later this month, and you can expect another full length album from them later this year- chock full of their signature Frito Lay™ references.