Premiere: …and its name was Epyon “Living Dead Division”

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The mysterious trio …and its name was Epyon seemingly appeared out of nowhere in the spring of 2018 with a self titled ep to genereal excitement in the hardcore community, and then quietly retreated to continue writing, only coming together to play one show last December. But today we are so excited to be premiering the first single off of their latest EP Visit To A Grave, due out later this summer!

Hailing from all over the U.S., the group travels to Los Angeles to reconvene with friends every New Years, also finding time to branch off and work on band stuff. Self described as “Gundamcore for girls who hate imperialism and love giant robots”, the band’s tongue-in-cheek takes on the genre end their as their sound hits you like a wall of bricks. It’s crushing, chaotic, and anthemic at times; and has no indication that it was written and recorded in a mere matter of days.

Sharing a drummer with Anamanaguchi, AINWE are no strangers to bangers. With an incredibly tight rhythm section rounded off with flourishing melodies not too far off from the likes of Deafheaven at time, “Living Dead Division” is another perfect example of how technical Cali screamo acts can get without sacrificing the mood or meaning of the song and, in fact, actually enhance it. Thematically, the lyrics grapple with the death of a friend, featuring an overdubbed outro of a spoken word passage written by a lesbian nun in the 12th century to her lover. Visit To A Grave has no definitive release date yet but (we hope) it will be out by the end of summer. Listen to “Living Dead Division” below!


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