Premiere: Alomar “Life is Hell (and so can you!)”

Posted: by The Editor


In an effort to premiere as much content as possible on as many cups of coffee as possible, we have another exclusive today! We’re so excited to be premiering Eddie Gancos’ (CityCop) new song under his solo moniker, Alomar. According to Eddie, this song was sort of a catalyst for writing this entire new album.

Midwestern is due out October 7th and you can stream the first single, “Life is Hell (and so can you!)” below.

More from the artist:

“I wrote this song while going through a very rough period in my life when I felt like my anxiety was taking control of me. It kind of reflects the emotional rollercoaster I was experiencing around that time and how I could feel so terrible but also so great multiple times within a day. Writing this song got me inspired to write more songs and that’s how this new album came about.”