Premiere: Absinthe Father – “Without”

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Echoing with the silvery glimmer that Haley Butters’ vocals exude on each of their songs, Absinthe Father’s “without” is two minutes long, consists of a single sentence, but reveals a sentiment that feels all too familiar. Their first release since the surprise of the soften EP in June, the track is instantly recognizable of Haley, whose lo-fi intimate shoegazily-buzz has captured the hearts of even those who rarely take time to digest slower tracks (me— I’m talking about myself). Absinthe Father’s discography is understated and in turn, it’s enchanting; like a lullaby that reveals thoughts you didn’t know were swimming in your head until Haley delivers them, phrased in a way that you couldn’t piece together yourself.

“gave up on love because I’m too happy without it / but you’re a fun second thought”

Starting at a whisper, and building to a bit of an empowered confession, the track is refreshingly optimistic. The gliding note change across the words “you’re” and “a” are so simple, yet so encapsulating— and it’s especially hypnotizing over the heavy reverb.

“without” is the first single of the upcoming 7” split between Absinthe Father and Woolbright, releasing October 29th and featuring two new tracks from each artist. Accompanied by album art by Simona Morales, the vinyl is notably the first physical release that Absinthe Father has done. Limited to 269 units and pressed in a transparent sage green, it’s a work of art musically and visually that would be foolish to miss out on.

Every vinyl pre-order is entered in a chance to win a test press of the vinyl—order yours here.

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Olivia Keasling | @residentkilljoy

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