Premiere: 30 “Met Too Young”

Posted: by The Editor

Emerging from Williamstown, Massachusetts, 30 blends the genres of Hip-Hop, Pop, and Alternative to create his eclectic sound. After spending time in New York City working at a recording studio at eighteen years old, 30 startedgaining a following with the rise of Spotify. Now, hovering around 100,000 monthly listeners, he has spent this fall touring the country, stopping in cities such as LA, Boston, Chicago, and NYC multiple times supporting popular hip-hop acts such as Futuristic and Gianni & Kyle. Popular YouTube channel NELK has furthered 30’s success by using his music in their videos, all of which have acquired millions of views. 30 continues to drop single after single during the end of 2019, prepping for a big 2020. Here is his brand new single “Met Too Young”.

I just feel like “Met Too Young” is so universally relatable. Doesn’t everyone kind of have a “right person wrong time” experience? And when it happens to you it doesn’t make sense and it makes you feel so angry and helpless, but having a voice in your headphones saying it happened to him (me) too can be so comforting.


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