Pittsburgh’s Mr. Roboto Project is Raising Funds to Purchase the Venue Building

Posted: by The Editor

If a band you love has ever been covered here at The Alternative, there’s a near 100% chance that, if they have stopped in Pittsburgh on a tour, they played at Mr. Roboto Project. It’s the main—though not sole—home for shows booked by Don’t Let The Scene Go Down On Me, who also helped keep things alive during the pandemic by booking all of The Alternative’s streaming sets. A safe, sober space run fully by volunteers, Roboto is the exact type of venue that needs to survive as corporations increasingly stick their sinister tendrils into every aspect of daily life. 

In order to do just that, Roboto has joined with their neighbors Bunker Projects, a visual art residency and experimental gallery, to purchase the building that houses both spaces. Yesterday, they launched a fundraiser for anyone who would like to donate and help Mr. Roboto Project and Bunker Projects secure a more stable future in Pittsburgh.

Anyone who has attended or played a show at Roboto knows how special of a place it is, and at a time when the common type of construction I see in Pittsburgh’s East End is banks being built across the street from other banks, Roboto is a place I sincerely hope can survive.

video by Modest Director

You can donate to Mr. Roboto Project and Bunker Projects’ efforts here.

Aaron Eisenreich | @slobboyreject

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