Photography: Weezer at Forrest Hills Stadium

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I remember first hearing Weezer at the end of the iconic 90’s movie, Mallrats. “Susanne” played over the credits and I was immediately hooked. Since then, Weezer has been one of my go-to bands. Their songs are total ear-worms, and have captivated audiences since their debut in 1993. It was wild to see how many generations of listeners Weezer has reached. I saw young children up to older adults just rockin’ out to their music. Weezer certainly have earned their stripes in the world of music.

I was very upset that I missed the first opener, Joyce Manor. They clearly take influence from Weezer with their fast and catchy emo-style music. Although I missed their set (thanks traffic), I was still able to listen to the tail end of their set while making my way to the box office. Weezer made a smart choice by booking Joyce Manor for their tour. They are a perfect pairing.

Next up was Future Islands. It is clear that they have a devoted fan base with many attendees screaming out their lyrics and dancing to the beat. Lead vocalist, Samuel T. Herring, was dynamite on stage. Sashaying across the stage left and right while singing with pride into the mic. The band is solid and kept the energy up throughout the whole set.

In true Weezer fashion, the band revealed their radio-themed set to Toto’s “Africa”. Opening with the first track off the blue album, “My Name Is Jonas”, the band proved that they still are a solid, fun, band that holds up. Afterwards, the band played the beloved hit, “Beverly Hills” with cool animations that lit up across the background of the stage. Peppering new tracks into the mix, the set consisted mostly of their classic hits. A nice surprise was Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan joining Rivers Cuomo on stage for “I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams” For me, I had a personal connection to the acoustic version of “Susanne”. The band sang beautiful harmonies alongside the strumming of the guitar. The whole night was almost like Weezer’s eras tour, and was a total blast.

Future Islands


Photos by Sarah Knoll

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