Photography: Wallows

Posted: by The Editor

Los Angeles based American indie rock band Wallows took the stage in Boston and proved why they’ve come so far in recent years. They invaded the Paradise Rock Club, a perfect setting for them to create an intimate night for themselves and their fans to remember. Entering the stage to a sea of ecstatic fans, Wallows immediately lit up the night with their energy and interaction with the crowd playing hits such as ‘Scrawny’ and ‘Are You Bored Yet?’. It’s rare to come across a band whose energy and vibe with the audience is both loose and fun, but these guys exceeded my expectations. They managed to perform their clean and catchy songs with ease, and make it feel like one giant dance party. Both frontmen Lemasters and Minnette carried the night singing harmonies and dancing around the stage together, putting on an unforgettable night for their audience. Their infectious melodies and catchy chorus’ can’t help but put a smile on anyones face, as this night proved to be true. Whether you’ve heard of them or not, if you have the opportunity to catch them on this tour you will not leave disappointed!



Sarah Holick//@babytayto