Photography: Twin Peaks, Lala Lala, OHMME at The Dance

Posted: by The Editor

Twin Peaks unfortunately are nothing like David Lynch’s twisted television show. However, their sound is just as unique. Delivering garage-rock tunes that makes you want to move, the band continues to create something entirely their own on their latest record Lookout Low. Playing to a nearly sold out crowd at NYC’s The Dance, the band’s energy was infectious. With openers Lala Lala and OHMME, bands that certainly deserve a solid listen, the night felt like a big burst of energy spanned into a 2-3 hours of music. Sarah was there to photograph the entire time, take a look at her photos while giving the bands a listen.


Lala Lala

Twin Peaks

Photos by Sarah Knoll

Sarah Knoll| @slick_filmphoto

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