Photography: Tove Lo and ALMA

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BOSTON, M.A.—  It’s not every day you see a line so long it stretches the length of the Green Monster and nearly the entire side of Fenway Park. Everyone in the cold line, whether they were covered in glitter or not, looked eager for the sold out show. 

ALMA, Finnish singer and songwriter, kicked off the night with an engaging performance with her twin sister as the DJ behind her. Because she is featured on a song with Tove Lo, it was only right for her to be on the tour as their music and fans complimented each other well. With music similar to Robyn and hair like Billie Eilish, she nails the aesthetic and the sound. Her hit song “Chasing Heights” had everyone off their feet and having a great time.

Sunshine Kitty (2019) is Tove Lo’s newest, and objectively best, album. The Swedish singer is most known for her two radio hits, “Talking Body” (2014) and “Habits (Stay High)” (2014). As a bisexual icon, Tove Lo sings about the struggles of modern dating culture and the ups and downs of being in love with both women and men in a powerful and cohesive album. 

2020 has been her year so far. She recently dropped two more singles, “Bikini Porn” and “Passion and Pain Taste the Same When I’m Weak” produced and co-written by Finneas, which took off as soon as it released. She was also nominated for “Best Music Video” at the 2020 Grammy Awards.

Her performance was flawless, full of emotion, and choreographed to a T. It’s not every day that you see someone who can put on a dance-heavy set while maintaining an impressive amount of vocal control. Her fans love her to death and she even took a flower someone brought her while on stage, definitely making that fans’ night. Her lighting and atmospheric designers deserve a round of applause as well, as they made her fun to watch the entire time and captured her vibe incredibly well.


Tove Lo



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