Photography: Touche Amore, Pianos Become the Teeth, Soul Glo (Two Nights)

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Touche Amore and Pianos Become the Teeth are both acclaimed bands of the scene for their continuously progressive efforts to take their sounds to the next level and never settling for less. However, this last four date tour was to take a moment to reflect on their early works and celebrate how far …To the Beat of a Dead Horse and Old Pride have taken them over the last decade. Selling out every show, these four shows were packed and gave the audience to yell back their favorite lyrics with the bands as Sarah and Owen took pictures of the New York and Boston dates.

Soul Glo

The Philly based punk band Soul Glo got the opportunity to open the night and get the crowd warmed up for the moment they were waiting for. Starting in 2014, they draw sounds similar to early 2000’s punk leaning hardcore bands. Their energetic and fast paced music got the crowd moving and their adrenaline pumping in excitement for Pianos Become the Teeth’s set.

Pianos Become the Teeth

After hearing Soul Glo’s soaring set, Pianos Become the Teeth came out to play their acclaimed Old Pride in full followed tracks from their renowned The Lack Long After. Crowd surfers starting pouring in the moment their set began, long time fans rejoiced at hearing these deep tracks again, and everyone was put into an emotional trance hearing Kyle scream his songs of grief about losing his Dad. We all love their 2014 album Keep You and 2018 album Wait for Love which featured a calmer sound than their previous work, but hearing songs from their older works took everyone back to what made us fall in love with Pianos Become the Teeth years ago and a true feeling of nostalgia and youngness came over everyone during their set.

Touche Amore

As the night was continued on, we are brought to Touche Amore’s set to hear to them play their monumental album …To the Beat of a Dead Horse front to back. This album set the tradition for Touche Amore of writing short yet powerful opening tracks to all their albums and hearing “…and now it’s happening in mine” in such an intimate setting with everyone screaming back the lyrics to Jeremy got everyone releasing their saved energy for the set. Track after track, everyone screamed back the lyrics, toppled over people, and poured out sweat during Touche’s set knowing this was truly a once in a lifetime experience they were seeing. After completing their play through, they unleashed songs from their other albums on the crowd before finishing their set. This night was truly something special for long time Touche Amore and Pianos Become the Teeth fans to hear their iconic early albums in full live for what’s most likely the first and last time ever.


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