Photography: The Used and Dragged Under

Posted: by The Editor

“The Used aren’t back because we never f*cking went anywhere” exclaimed Bert at The Used’s sold out Boston stop last Sunday. A slight tease in regards to the My Chemical Romance reunion tour that sold out and broke Ticketmaster last month. Aside from the falling out Bert and Gerard had years back, The Used are still on top of their game nearly 20 years after the release of their debut album and are gearing up to release their eighth studio album titled Heartwork. The lead single from it titled “Blow Me” featuring Jason Aalon Butler (of Fever 333 and LetLive) showed a return to their self titled sound and didn’t fail to engage the whole crowd during their performance. Even after nearly two decades and a few lineup changes, their live performance continually grows and sounds better with each tour. While this tour is completely sold out, their next venture throughout the U.S. is something you won’t want to miss. 

Dragged Under

The Used



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine