Photography: The National

Posted: by The Editor

The National have been a favorite of ours at The Alternative for quite some time. After seeing them over the summer and including their newest release ‘I Am Easy To Find’ in our Best of 2019 So Far article, we were lucky enough to catch them again last month, fresh on the heels of some off shows warmup for their upcoming tour, an embarkment across Europe. The National have been known to have two distinct sides to their performance, and every night it’s rolling the dice to see why you’ll get. You’ll always have the synergy from the brothers-led musical section, but vocalist Matt Berninger teeters on the edge between an impeccably beautiful and intricate performance, or a wildly more aggressive vocal interpretation of their songs. Luckily, the Boston date had a little bit of crowd and a lot of crowd interaction, including Matt floating through the audience for assistance on vocal duties and Kyle was there to capture it all. Check out the photos below!


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine

Chris Thomas//@chrismustard