Photography: The Menzingers and Queen of Jeans

Posted: by The Editor

The Menzingers are taking one final victory lap on the After the Party cycle before putting out their brand new album Hello Exile this fall. After the Party was truly a gem that will have replay values for decades to come and based off the first single, Anna, from their forthcoming album, we can expect the same. The Menzingers have a way of making you feel nostalgic for memories you never experienced and the pop driven chorus of Anna leaves you yearning for a love you never had. You can hear it in action on the entire summer tour or on their fall tour along with the other gems the album has in store for us. If this summer tour is coming to a town near you, I encourage you to go bid farewell well this era and welcome in Hello Exile this fall. On Saturday, the tour made a stop in Maine and Kyle was there to take pictures of the night. Take a listen to the new single while you check out the pictures below!

Queen of Jeans

The Menzingers


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine