Photography: Teen Suicide with Flycatcher and Ogbert the Nerd

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Teen Suicide continues to impress me. I saw them back in 2018 at Baby’s All Right for the first time and was immediately hooked. Their bedroom-pop/indie rock blend of sounds alongside emo vocals make for a unique sonic experience. The band always sported a D.I.Y. attitude with their lo-fi production and constant release of new music. However, I think what sets this band apart is their true love for music. In between songs, Sam Ray, lead guitarist, singer, and songwriter, would talk about what the next song would be. Riffing off what it means, or how it was created, while fiddling with his guitar. The band overall just seemed so happy to be on tour and playing to as large of a crowd as NYC’s LPR could hold. Throughout the set, the band would go from playing off the set list, to just playing whatever they wanted. Some of their classics such as “everything is fine”, “give me back to the sky”, and “the same things happen to me all the time even in my dreams” were sprinkled into the set alongside new tracks such as “spiders” sung by Sam’s wife and music partner, Kitty. The band’s easy-going energy and effortlessness on stage made it such a delightful night.

New Jersey’s Ogbert the Nerd and Flycatcher opened for Teen Suicide, sporting some true NJ pride. Ogbert’s math-rock sound clearly captured the attention of many. Fans in the crowd sported Ogbert’s merch and screamed out nearly every lyric. The band is certainly gaining traction, and I can’t wait to see what they will do next. Following Ogbert were fellow NJ friends, Flycatcher. At times during their set, they reminded me of an early Foo Fighters in some ways. Although their sound is not as rock-heavy as the Foos, their musicianship is insane. Their rhythm section was consistent and impressive. Flycatcher definitely know how to write catchy tunes, and are now on my radar.

The entire night was an incredible experience, and truly encapsulated what it means to be a part of the music community and space. Sarah was there taking some photos, check them out!

Ogbert the Nerd


Teen Suicide

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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