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Celebrating their 20th anniversary as one of the most influential rock bands of the century, Long Island-based rockers Taking Back Sunday took the House of Blues Boston by storm this past weekend. Comprised of lead vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist John Nolan, bassist Shaun Cooper, and drummer Mark O’Connell, the band has seen more than half a dozen chart-topping albums and nearly a dozen chart-topping singles, and have recently become the youngest inductees into the Music Hall of Fame in Long Island, NY.

Playing two consecutive nights, the band offered fans an experience unique to this tour. In two-night cities, each night features a dual-album setlist determined by a coin flip on night one. Throughout this tour, the band begins every night by performing their debut studio album Tell All Your Friends (2002) in its entirety. Following this, they flip a custom Taking Back Sunday coin to determine the course of the rest of the night – they’ll either play their sophomore album, Where You Want to Be (2004), or their third studio album Louder Now (2006) (and on the second night, they play the album that wasn’t chosen for night one). In Boston, the band played Where You Want to Be on Friday, and Louder Now on Sunday.

Many fans attended both nights in Boston, which is a testament to the impact of Taking Back Sunday’s music on their listeners. Their influence spans generations – there were many people in attendance who have been supporting the band from the beginning, who brought their own children with them to enjoy the show as a family.

Check out our photos from night two in Boston below, and if you haven’t caught them on tour yet, we highly suggest you get to a show – you will not regret it!

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