Photography: State Champs “Living Proof” Tour

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State Champs have shown what it means to be dedicated to something and stop at nothing to get what you want. Through countless tours, three albums, and comical social media, they managed to elevate themselves into the the higher realms of music. This tour was to promote their most recent album, Living Proof, with support from new and classic acts Grayscale, The Dangerous Summer, and Our Last Night. Grayscale has been making waves over the last few years after releasing their debut album Adornment on Fearless records and with their dedicated fan base, they’ll be on the same level as State Champs in no time. After disbanding in 2014, The Dangerous Summer made their return as a band in 2017 after taking care of mental health issues that tore them apart in the first place and released their self titled album which was their first studio release in four years. Lastly, Our Last Night, mostly recognized for their covers of pop songs now, played a set of originals with a Kendrick Lamar cover to get the crowd excited before State Champs took the stage. Whether you’re a new fan of these bands or have been listening since the beginning, this tour has a place for you and Kyle was at the Boston date to take pictures of the night! Take a listen while you check out the pictures below!


The Dangerous Summer

Our Last Night

State Champs


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine