Photography: Senses Fail, Hot Mulligan, Yours Truly

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS— Another Saturday night in Boston. Neighboring shows at the Paradise Rock Club and Agganis Arena meant that there would be people everywhere throughout the night. Lines were forming outside of every venue, club, and bar on the stretch down Commonwealth Avenue before the sun was even down.

For it being their first time in the United States, Yours Truly kicked off the night with a highly energetic and entertaining set. Vocalist Mikaila Delgado nailed every note in the vocally challenging set of songs that contained hits like “High Hopes” and “Circles,” and did so while expertly working the stage. Plenty of people in the crowd were already familiar with the band and knew their music, and it is expected that they’ll have a solid turnout at any of their future Boston dates. 

After the show I got to sit down with the band and introduce them to an American classic that I was shocked to find out they don’t have in Australia: bagels. They got to experience cream cheese, jam, and peanut butter on a bagel for the first time here in Boston, something they’ll never forget about the city. 

Hot Mulligan is a band that is equally as comedic as they are musical. They kicked their set off with an older song of theirs, “I Replied to Tyler With Three Blue Cars” and closed their set with their most recent hit, “How Do You Know It’s Not Armadillo Shells?” The majority of the people there were there to see them but they did get a negative reaction from much of the audience when they addressed the Senses Fail fans as “old”. 

Looking like they have done this a million times, Senses Fail took the stage last and performed an incredibly well choreographed set. It was obvious that this is the point in the tour that they are not yet exhausted but have the set down pat. They closed out the night with a killer encore of “Institutionalized” (Suicidal Tendencies cover) that was notably on Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland soundtrack, and “Bite To Break Skin.” Everyone in the room was having fun for the duration of their set even if they were not originally there to see them because of the nostalgia that surrounds them.

If you haven’t had the chance to see the show, the tour is making their way across the US over to the West coast with dates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Colorado, the Pacific Northwest, and the California coast.

Yours Truly

Hot Mulligan

Senses Fail


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