Photography: (Sandy) Alex G at Brooklyn Steel

Posted: by The Editor

(Sandy) Alex G released his 3rd record on Domino records titled House of Sugar. A impressive LP that blends his unique style of bedroom pop with spacey soundscapes and excellent songwriting. Currently on tour, Sarah was able to check out his sold out date at Brooklyn Steel on November 14th. Alex G showcased a wide range of his career playing favorites such as “Southern Sky”, “Bobby”, “Sarah” and “Harvey” as well as a selection of songs off of House of Sugar. Overall, (Sandy) Alex G and band continue to prove that he is a prolific songwriter and continues to expand his sound as well as the genre of bedroom pop/indie rock itself. With opener, Tomberlin, an incredible singer-songwriter, (Sandy) Alex G knocked it out of the park with this performance.


(Sandy) Alex G

Photos by Sarah Knoll

Sarah Knoll| @slick_filmphoto

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