Photography + Review: Third Eye Blind

Posted: by The Editor

Third Eye Blind made a solo trip around the country this spring in an effort to intimately connect with fans before their annual summer amphitheater shows start. The uniqueness about Third Eye Blind’s live shows is that the setlist varies every night – it’s a testament to the band’s musicianship. Saturday night’s set featured three parts – an intro section to usher in newer songs, an acoustic mid section to promote their Unplugged album, and a final section to play hits. To kick off the first part of the set, we heard “Company”, “1000 Julys”, and “Graduate” back to back. As the band started to move down from the risers and greet the crowd in the front, the band slowed things down with “Narcolepsy” and “Say It”. To cap off this first section, the band played “Wounded” before the crew rushed to get the stage set up for the acoustic portion. For tonight’s acoustic portion, we got to hear new renditions of “I Want You”, “Blinded (When I See You)”, and “The Background” that longtime fans rejoiced at. Third Eye Blind often includes covers in their set and tonight we heard “Your Love” by The Outfield interlaced with “Back To Zero”. Wrapping up the acoustic portion, the band played “Bonfire” from the often overlooked album Ursa Major. While Stephan kept his acoustic guitar, the rest of the band returned to their instruments as the opening for “Motorcycle Drive-By” played to kick off part three. With one final push, the band rocked the stage with “Never Let You Go”, “Jumper”, “Semi Charmed Life”, and “Crystal Baller” While “God of Wine” was on the set list, curfew limits forced the band to cut the set and encore with only two songs – “Time In Berlin” and “How’s It Going to Be”. Even with the final song being cut, Third Eye Blind proved that after 26 years, they can still deliver a set that satisfies both new and lifelong fans. We are excited to see them hit the road again this summer with the anticipation of a new album they keep teasing. Until then, you can check out the pictures from their stop in New Hampshire that our photographer Kyle took! 



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine