Photography + Review: The Regrettes and Alex Lahey

Posted: by The Editor

The Regrettes are back on track to take over the world with a tour in support of their latest release, Further Joy. Alex Lahey, coming all the way from Australia, opened the tour. She took the assignment of getting everyone excited for the night and passed with flying colors, as the crowd cheered for an encore. By the time she finished, the crowd was clearly ready to kick off their weekend with The Regrettes. While Further Joy delivers powerful moments, you’ll find the distorted guitar leads taking a backseat to the melodies. Even with this latest release toning things down a bit, this did not stop the crowd from giving all the energy they had. The crowd was jumping up and down so much during the opening song that security batted each other a concerned look at how much the venue was shaking. Luckily the venue remained intact, and The Regrettes played through a massive 21 song setlist. This tour is not one you’ll want to miss and if you haven’t purchased tickets yet, you can find them here. While the Boston date has come and gone, our photographer Kyle was there to take pictures of the night. Check them out while you stream Further Joy below!



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine