Photography + Review: Pierce the Veil, L.S. Dunes, Dayseeker, and Destroy Boys

Posted: by The Editor

Pierce the Veil are making their way across the country on their long awaited headline tour. After causing a bit of commotion online for only doing support runs, this tour to promote The Jaws of Life sold out every date. 

Opening for this tour were back to back sets from Destroy Boys and Dayseeker. Each band has been filling out progressively larger rooms within the last year and are catching their much deserved break. We have never seen opening bands captivate and control audiences the way both acts did. Destroy Boys commanded the entire crowd to partake in a wall of death while Dayseeker had all 5,000 in attendance illuminate the room with their phone lights. Following the two openers was L.S. Dunes, the latest super group taking over the world. Fronted by Anthony Green, the energetic frontman was swinging his mic around the stage from the start and made his band mates follow suit with acting unhinged. 

Pierce the Veil kicked off their set with “Death of an Executioner” and had crowd surfers pouring over the barricade in moments. This set a precedent for the energy the crowd was ready to give them the whole night. Wasting no time, Pierce the Veil jumped into crowd favorites “Caraphernelia” and “Circles”. Despite this tour celebrating The Jaws of Life, Pierce the Veil made sure to balance the setlist with old and new. After digging into their latest album further (which audience members showed equal love for), we got to hear “Hold on Till May ” while a fan from the audience joined them on stage. In total, Pierce the Veil pulled out 13 hard hitting songs that inspired the crowd to keep moving the whole night before walking off stage. It wasn’t long before returning for a two song encore however. Included in this was “Besitos” before closing the night out with “King for a Day”. This was a remarkable performance on all fronts and we encourage everyone to see Pierce the Veil at any of the remaining dates on this tour or their upcoming support tour for blink-182. Tickets for these shows can be found HERE. Our photographer Kyle was at the Boston date to capture the night and you can check out his pictures below!



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine