Photography + Review: Offset

Posted: by The Editor

Offset kicked off the spring concert season this past weekend, delivering an unforgettable high-energy performance on his “Set It Off” tour stop in Boston. From the moment Offset stepped onto the stage, he and the audience were feeding off each other’s energy. Opening with “SAY MY GRACE”, “FAN’, and “BROAD DAY’ from his latest album, he kicked off his set on a high note and got the whole crowd moving. On top of his stage presence, he had a crew of dancers on stage to add another layer to his performance. 

Offset calmed things down after that frenzy of an opening with tracks such as “WORTH IT” and “Taste” which let his live backing band shine. Offset hasn’t forgotten his roots — after showcasing his recent solo material, we dove into a string of Migos songs. Included was “Call Casting”, “Ric Flair Drip”, and “Bad and Boujee”. During “Bad and Boujee”, Offset hopped over the barricade and joined everyone in the crowd to sing the song that defined Migos’ career.


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine