Photography + Review: MØ and TeZATalks

Posted: by The Editor

One of our favorite overseas popstars MØ has returned to the U.S. in support of her third and latest album, Motordrome. Hailing from Denmark, it’s amazing to see artists travel across the world to the United States and still draw crowds of fans night after night. While Boston is a unique experience for all touring bands due to the overflow of concert goers from the surrounding states, this city always shows up — even for a 6pm early show at the Royale. 

After TeZatalks graciously warmed up the crowd, MØ stepped out and kicked off her set with three new tracks that the crowd welcomed. We were then greeted by some older fan favorites from Forever Neverland and the infamous DJ snake collab “Lean On”. Though we had a heads up that it was coming because of MØ’s social media posts at the NYC show, it was still incredibly exciting to see MØ crowdsurf across the 1000 person crowd during her final track, “Live to Survive.” Before she even walked off stage, the crowd was already cheering for an encore and moments later, MØ came back out for three more songs. While the show may be over, our photographer Kyle was there to take pictures of the night. Check them out while you stream Motordrome below and grab tickets for the remaining dates of tour here.



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine