Photography + Review: JAWNY and Wallice

Posted: by The Editor

JAWNY started 2023 on a high note filling out venues nightly across the country. He brought his latest album It’s Never Fair, Always True to life with support from Wallice. Boston showed love to Wallice as she played through a ten song set to get us warmed up for JAWNY. Before departing the stage, she assured us she was coming back soon for her own headlining tour which we are excited for. Soon after the 9pm mark, JAWNY and his accompanying band took the stage with a cover of “Mr. Brightside” that had the crowd excited in no time. JAWNY kept things moving by playing “intro” and “strawberry chainsaw” from his latest album. On top of playing eleven songs from It’s New Fair, Always True, JAWNY snuck in hits such as “honey pie” that originally garnered him his fanbase. He proceeded to tell us that the crowd for Boston was the loudest crowd all tour with the most people in attendance and that the show was technically oversold. His set was a perfect selection of 20 songs and we recommend you grab a ticket for his upcoming spring dates that just got announced! Our photographer Kyle was at the Boston date to capture the night and you can check out his pictures below.


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine