Photography + Review: City and Colour

Posted: by The Editor

City and Colour kicked off the summer on a high note by filling out venues across the country where Dallas Green and his accompanying band brought his latest album The Love Still Held Me Near to life. City and Colour took the stage around 9pm and kept the audience captivated for the entirety of their set.  Starting with “Meant to Be” from his latest album, he had the crowd singing along in no time. Between songs, audience members could be heard shouting endless adornments to which Dallas replied “Boston always yells the loudest”. Though this tour was promoting his latest album, Dallas didn’t shy away from playing the earlier songs that fans fell in love with such as “Little Hell” and “Hello, I’m In Delaware”. Before starting “We Found Each Other In the Dark”, a speech was given about how we no longer connect with people who see the world differently than us and that if we agreed with that ideology, the “exit signs are behind us”. After powering through a 14 song setlist, City and Colour exited the stage before returning for a four song encore. Included in this encore was a rendition of Alexisonfire’s “This Could Be Anywhere in the World” that satiated the fans calling out Dallas’ other work at random throughout the night. This was a remarkable performance on all fronts and we encourage everyone to see City and Colour on their next tour. Our photographer Kyle was at the Boston date to capture the night and you can check out his pictures below.



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine