Photography + Review: Anna of the North

Posted: by The Editor

Anna of the North is making her way across the United States in support of her newest album, Crazy Life. On tour with her is RebMoe and MARIS. RebMoe successfully warmed up the crowd, not only with some of her energetic tracks like “Basement Party” and “Undercover Lover”, but also with her humor – joking that she went to Harvard….today and how excited she was to be in Boston. With just a computer on stage (though she normally performs with a band), RebMoe got the party and what was to be a memorable night started.

Up next MARIS. MARIS has that stage presence that makes you want to know more about her immediately. What she packed in an opening set maximized quantity without sacrificing quality. Outside of her original tracks, including “False Idol” and “Was It A Dream?”, fans heard a Queen cover and unreleased music – all of which were broken up by air guitar solos and a dance party led by the Montana singer-songwriter herself.

Anna of the North’s set started with birds chirping lightly in the background, and a backdrop of the cover of her latest album, Crazy Life, being illuminated by lightbulbs twinkling across the stage. One by one, the band members stepped out and prepared for the singer’s entrance. Anna finally stepped out, and with the roar of the crowd, began singing. Songs from the album, as well as her latest single “Swirl” (a personal favorite), carried Brighton Music Hall through the rest of Tuesday night.


Hannah Scott//@Ipreferconcerts