Photography + Review: 100 Gecs and Machine Girl

Posted: by The Editor

This past week, 100 gecs brought the “10000 gecs tour 2” to Royal Oak, MI. Industrial, electric, genre-defying Machine Girl opened the show performing an incredibly heavy set. For their last few songs, singer Matt Stephenson fought his way through the crowd and around the theater. On the stage, drummer Sean Kelly banged away on the kit.

Taking the stage to the sound of the THX sound, wearing their notorious wizard costumes, 100 gecs opened the set with two of their newest hits, “dumbest girl alive” and “757.” Performing most of their newest album, 10000 gecs, the duo threw in a few unreleased favorites like “what’s that smell?” and “Fallen 4 Ü.” Check them out on the rest of their tour across the US!



Alec Moore // @AKindOfLimbo