Photography: Porter Robinson, Jai Wolf, and James Ivy

Posted: by The Editor

After seven years, Porter Robinson has returned with a new album, Nurture, paired with an accompanying, appropriately introspective live show. Throughout this time away, Robinson’s fanbase remained loyal, and the response to his newest creation proves his ability to make art that withstood him stepping away for so long. Support for his return was huge, with Robinson’s North American tour selling out in minutes, on top of his own festival, Second Sky. While Porter has never shied away from pushing the boundaries of what music can sound like, his live show points to a mind that thinks and acts beyond simply music – creating art for the sake of an immersive experience. With visuals that push his music to new heights, his live show offered an escape from reality. With the support from electronic artist Jai Wolf and up-and-coming pop artist James Ivy this night was nothing short of ethereal joy in the audience. We were happy to have our photographer Kyle at the Boston stop to capture the night – check out his pics while you stream Nurture below!



Kyle Musser//@godvfwine