Photography: Pool Kids, Insignificant Other, Mood Room

Posted: by The Editor

In Insignificant Other’s song Un Mensaje, Sim Morales sings “Come over, it’s just a seven hour drive”, so I did (that’s the actual drive time from Gainesville to Birmingham).  A long weekend seemed like the perfect time to see two of my favorite Florida bands (one of which is now Birmingham based) in a brand new city. Held in a shed, titled The Church of Hot Addiction, this was easily the sweatiest I’ve ever been at a diy show – a “I’m dripping sweat, should I change outfits?” kind of sweat – and easily, the most fun I’ve had at one by far with the entire crowd singing every word for both bands. There was a special kind of magic in that room and seeing younger kids in the audience took me back to the first time I saw Insignigicant Other back when I was 16 in 1982, a now-defunct all-ages venue in Gainsville. Both bands have released stunning debut records that made our Top Album lists so if you haven’t checked either band out yet, now’s the time. It was also equally exciting to catch the recently formed dreamy indie rock trio Mood Room, keep an eye out for their demos.

Mood Room

Pool Kids

Insignificant Other

Lindsy Carrasquillo | @lindsy_carr

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