Photography: Phoebe Bridgers at Forest Hills Stadium

Posted: by The Editor

“She’s a legend, she’s an icon, and she is the moment” is the exact quote to explain Phoebe Bridgers in 2022 (thank you Wendy Williams). From smashing a guitar on SNL and calling David Crosby a bitch on twitter, Phoebe Bridgers is a contemporary rock star. Her “no-fucks” attitude and willingness to use her platform to promote human rights and equality makes her fans root for her even harder. The singer-songwriter writes from the heart, embedding reality within her lyrics while her whispery voice cascades across guitar-driven tracks. The artist played to a packed crowd at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, NY. Opening with “Motion Sickness” and “Garden” Bridgers captured the attention of the crowd immediately. Phoebe Bridgers is embracing her moment in music right now. With two amazing records out and plenty of publicity, she is growing into the role of an amazing and talented singer-songwriter beautifully. Sarah was there to capture her set.

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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