Photography: Oso Oso, Mom Jeans, and Tiny Moving Parts

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Tiny Moving Parts-6066

Chelsea Pineda, the newest contributor to The Alternative, was at the Oso Oso, Mom Jeans, and Tiny Moving Parts show at Music Hall of Williamsburg in NYC and took some excellent photos of all of the action. Take a look at her shots from the show while you blast some tunes from these 3 incredible bands.


Oso Oso-5953

Oso Oso-5952

 Oso Oso-5950

Oso Oso-5951

Oso Oso-5945


Mom Jeans-5966

Mom Jeans-5985

Mom Jeans-5989

Mom Jeans-6005

Mom Jeans-6022

Mom Jeans-6023

Mom Jeans-6033


Tiny Moving Parts-6132

Tiny Moving Parts-6119

Tiny Moving Parts-6113

Tiny Moving Parts-6101

Tiny Moving Parts-6084

Tiny Moving Parts - Dylan Crowd Surf-6202

Tiny Moving Parts - Crowd-6180

Tiny Moving Parts-6190

Chelsea Pineda | @ChelsPineda

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