Photography: MUNA

Posted: by The Editor

MUNA have spent the latter half of the decade sculpting a breezier, laidback style of synth-laden pop music as showcased on their recent release, Saves The World. The band sits next to modern contemporaries while their vocals bring reference to a more carefree style predominant in the 90’s. It’s as if they listened to Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill on repeat and somehow found the catchiest way to fuse that sound with bands like Pale Waves, The Midnight, and The 1975. Saves The World is full of upbeat songs with driving bass lines to boo your head to, with a few heartfelt ballads juxtapositioned in there to dim the lights when it gets too bright. The album is self aware, starting off the second track with lyrics dealing with harassment from fans and the way their language has evolved with the prevalence of social media. The band has also used their platform to tackle themes of sexuality and gender, while also managing to close Saves The World with a track describing the tumultuous interpersonal relationships we all find ourselves in during our twenties. Overall, the album is their strongest and catchiest yet. While their wrapping up their tour this week, Kyle was at their Boston date to take pictures of the night. Check them out while you stream the new album below!


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine

Chris Musser//@chrismustard