Photography: Movements, Boston Manor, Trashboat, Drug Church

Posted: by The Editor

Movements are currently on tour across the U.S. with support from Boston Manor, Trashboat, and Drug Church. While Movements is set to release a new album this year, all the supporting bands released phenomenal albums the previous year and treated us to punk anthems all night. Putting these four bands on the same tour is a guaranteed way to make a crowd move all night long (and give security a run for their money). Boston gave it their all and Kyle was their to photography the energetic night.

Drug Church

Opening the show was Drug Church who brought aggressive vocals and 90’s instrumentation to a crowd who for the most part, was getting their first taste of the band. The issue most opening bands have is getting the crowd engaged because well, they don’t know the band but Drug Church succeeded in getting an unknowing crowd moving like they’d seen them 100 times before. The crowd managed to spark comments from Patrick who told them “I know most of you have never heard us before but I see you down their spin kicking like it’s your first hardcore show. Keep doing that, I want to see everyone spin kicking and moshing like it’s their first time and have never been to a hardcore show”. If you plan on going to this tour, I encourage you to make it early and see Drug Church play songs from their new album Cheer.


After having the crowd learn to mosh during Drug Church, everyone switched gears and started crowdsurfing from the moment Trash Boat got on stage to the moment they finished. Trash Boat gave us an energetic pop punk set where I saw at least ten people crowdsurfing at a time (and me frantically looking over barricade to shield my camera) and kept the pace of the showing going throughout their entire set.

Boston Manor

It seems that Boston Manor’s sophomore album Welcome to the Neighbourhood was a favorite amongst everyone last year and there’s no surprise why. From start to finish, the energy this album gives off and the mood it puts you in is like no other and hearing these songs live is no different (except you’ll probably be crowdsurfing over people while hearing it live). Every time I see Boston Manor, I’m blown away at how put together they are and how good Henry is at making everyone feel comfortable to let themselves go for their set. Even when he climbed into the crowd during “Bad Machine” and had the crowd make a circle pit around him, he made sure everyone was ok before continuing which just made everyone want to get even rowdier. If this tour is your first time seeing Boston Manor then not only are you seeing them on a tour with three other amazing bands, but you’re going to see a flawless set while you climb over everyone’s head in the crowd.


The first time I saw Movements was a short five song set opening for The Story So Far last year and I knew from that show onward that I needed to see more. Movements soft punk sound curates a feeling inside you that makes want to gently sing along at shows while saving your energy for the few moments in each song that explode and make you want to scream back at Patrick on stage. It always impresses me when I can see the same people each set going up multiple times and still be ready to go again and the crowd did not disappoint during Movements set. People were singing back lyrics to songs from their 2017 album Feel Something and didn’t stop crowdsurfing until their set finished (there were so many crowdsurfers that me and another photographer put our cameras down and helped catch them as security was overwhelmed). This tour is one that will be talked about for many years and if it’s coming to a city near you, I hope you can make it to see all the bands put on high energy sets the whole night.


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine