Photography: Mom Jeans Record Release with Prince Daddy, Pool Kids, and Super American

Posted: by The Editor

Ever since their 2016 debut LP best buds, Mom Jeans have been a band to watch. Their catchy riffs and emo lyricism have only progressed over the years. From their split with Graduating Life to Puppy Love in 2018, Mom Jeans have proven that with time their songwriting abilities have flourished into an emo-pop powerhouse. With the few singles they have released off of Sweet Tooth Mom Jeans are showcasing yet again their talent to craft incredible songs that pull at your heart strings while still making you want to move your body to the rhythm. Their sold-out tour last winter was unfortunately cut a few dates due to COVID-19. However, the band made up 3 of those dates this past weekend. With Prince Daddy and the Hyena, Pool Kids, and Super American opening, these makeup dates felt just as special as the original tour bill. The room was constantly vibrating with fans singing and moving along to every single band. If this is an indication of where music is going in 2022, then we have a great year ahead in music. Sarah was at their NYC show at Warsaw and took some sick shots, take a look.

Super American

Pool Kids

Prince Daddy and the Hyena

Mom Jeans

“Sweet Tooth” is out February 28th. You can pre-order here.

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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