Photography: Mom Jeans, Free Throw, Just Friends, Super American at Irving Plaza

Posted: by The Editor

Coming off their 3rd record, “Sweet Tooth”, Mom Jeans are continuing to prove themselves as a fun-loving and energy-filled band. Lead singer, Eric opened up to the crowd that they lost their voice, but told the crowd that Mom Jeans is so much more than just him singing. The crowd and supports that night proved just that. Mom Jeans’ music speak to this generation and the struggles some of us deal with in terms of mental health and navigating relationships in the age of adulthood. It was quite magical to see how many people were singing every syllable from their first record, “Best Buds” all the way through their current release.

Support, Super American are certainly an act to keep your eyes on. Their 90’s/00’s inspired emo music feels like it belongs in every 90’s/00’s teen rom-com. Although reminiscent of a time that now feels very distant (man, I’m getting old), their music does have a place in 2022. Next, Just Friends came on and blew up the stage with their high energy and choreography to Fever. The juxtaposition between Sam’s deeper, more coarse vocals and Brond’s sweet, lighter, yet roaring vocal range creates this fire and ice duality that makes the Just Friends experience so special. Right before Mom Jeans came on, Free Throw made the whole room jump with every track. The love this band has from their fans is truly special. Once Mom Jeans came on, you can tell that the attention in the room shifted away from conversations and grabbing beers from the bar to finding their spot in the venue and getting ready to sing their hearts out. Mom Jeans has a hold on people’s hearts. Their vulnerability and genuine love for what they do is exactly why their fan base has grown dramatically over their 3 records. Sarah was at the show snapping pics, check them out:

Super American

Just Friends

Free Throw

Mom Jeans

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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