Photography: Modest Mouse and Mattress

Posted: by The Editor

Modest Mouse are a staple within the indie rock community. They’ve trailblazers in creating a signature sound that they have only built upon over the years. Paying homage to their roots, the band is celebrating their hit record The Lonesome Crowded West for its 25th anniversary. It’s incredible to see how many generations this band as reached. At the sold-out show at NYC’s Terminal 5, the room was filled with a variety of ages. From new fans to O.G. fans, the band certainly has a following. What brings people to Modest Mouse is their classic indie rock sound. To me, it comes off as nostalgic. Something that has always been there and feels familiar, yet it is something original and new, and this is what The Lonesome Crowded West does so well. Even 25 years later, the album is beloved by many fans because it is a well written, solid indie rock album. With support from experimental electronic artist Mattress, the night was certainly one to remember.


Modest Mouse

Photos by Sarah Knoll

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