Photography: Loma Prieta, Jeromes Dream, Tower of Silence, Piper Maru, and Stay Down

Posted: by The Editor

Regarded as one of the most influential and abrasive bands in screamo with their own concoction of hardcore, grind, and melody, are Loma Prieta. The band is headlining a stretch of shows with the newly reunited Jeromes Dream in support of their first new record in 18 years. Both bands are holding nothing back on this tour, with Jeromes Dream proving they can still conduct an entire room with their backs turned to them, and Loma Prieta blasting through some of their heaviest tracks with inhuman precision and ferocity. Tower of Silence also had a secret reunion at this show, and our photographer Alex captured it all. Check out all the pics below!

Loma Prieta

Jeromes Dream

Tower of Silence

Piper Maru

Stay Down

Alex Hirsch //@contaminature