Photography: LANY

Posted: by The Editor

LANY are currently touring in support of their 2018 album Malibu Nights, bringing the euphoric pop anthems to audiences all around the world. Hearing Malibu Nights on record is already an otherworldly experience but combine that with a full live band, enormous stage production, and Paul Klein’s charismatic energy on stage, and you’ll be given one of the best concert experiences you’ll ever witness. From the moment they start their set with Thick and Thin, you’ll be singing along and forgetting about all your troubles. Supporting LANY on this tour was up and coming pop singer, FLETCHER, and from the moment she walked on stage, the crowd was dancing along with her (we we’re even lucky enough to hear a short cover of Tequila before walking off stage). If this tour is coming to a city near you, I encourage you to make an effort to go out to go out and see LANY on their rise to becoming the biggest band in the world.




Kyle Musser//@godvfwine