Photography: Knocked Loose with Stick To Your Guns, Rotting Out, Candy, and SeeYouSpaceCowboy

Posted: by The Editor

Kentucky hardcore band, Knocked Loose, released an intense sophomore LP A Different Shade of Blue earlier this year. The album blends a unique sound of hardcore and metal while still keeping things fresh and new. It came off clear as day at their show at Webster Hall that this band means business. Each chord played flawlessly while their lead singer bounced across the stage screaming into the mic. Nearly all of the bands who played carried this quality of raw energy, like the songs needed to be played out of sheer necessity. That’s one of the things that hardcore seems to always do well. Capture emotion through heavy guitars, bass and of course intense vocals.

However, one of the things that me personally draws me away from seeing these bands live is the violence. The pit opened up nearly immediately with male presenting people, arms singing and fists clenched. It was maybe a total of 10 people in this pit out of the maybe hundred who were already at the show to see the openers. As much as having a great time is important, this took it to a level where a lot of people felt uncomfortable and unsafe. Hardcore doesn’t have to be an invitation for violent behavior, nor should it be a place to do so.



Rotting Out

Stick To Your Guns

Knocked Loose

Photos by Sarah Knoll / @slick_filmphoto

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