Photography: Kim Petras

Posted: by The Editor

Kim Petras has been rising to the top of the charts in record time after releasing her debut album, Clarity, earlier this year. Along with her own music, she’s combined forces with pop star Charli XCX on her tracks “Unlock It” and “Click” allowing Charli’s massive following to be introduced to her. Kim Petras is becoming widely known for her brand of writing about “fucking and horny shit over beats that sounded really sexy” (PaperMag) which is taking her to the next level of selling out back to back shows all over the world. While her stop in Boston was set to be one night, it sold out so quick she added a second night which sold out as well. Kyle was there for night two to take pictures, check them out while you listen to Kim’s brand new album Clarity below!


Kyle Musser//@godvfwine