Photography: Khalid and Clairo

Posted: by The Editor

Khalid has returned this year with a follow up to his sophomore album, Free Spirit, in which he truly found his sound. Free Spirit is more than just a youthful pop album. From the instrumentation (including a John Mayer feature) to the elegant soft sound his voice has become, the album sets a mood for the listener right from the get go with “Intro” all the way to the melancholic closer “Saturday Nights” (my favorite). The journey between American Teen and Free Spirit was more than just career advances. Khalid continuously opens up about his mental health issues and the growth he’s experienced dealing with anxiety and depression while building himself internally to become the free spirit he yearns to be. Seeing him on stage pull in the crowds energy and let his youthful self out is an experience that will help you forget about all the negativity engulfing the world currently. If this tour is coming near you, be sure to come out and see it and get there early for Clairo’s wonderful set as well. Check out Kyle’s pictures from the Boston date while you stream Free Spirit below!




Kyle Musser//@godvfwine